Zverev Sergey Vasilievich

Moscow State University of Food Production, Russian Federation


Zverev Sergey Vasilievich studied at Kalinin Polytechnic Institute in 1965-1970 and he is a Postgraduate student at the Moscow Machine Tool Institute, Candidate of Technical Sciences with a degree in Metal Cutting Machines and his doctoral studies at the Moscow State University of Food Production, Doctor of Technical Sciences in the specialty "Processes and apparatuses of food production. He is a lecturer at the Moscow State University of Food Production. 2012 and up to the present, an employee of the All-Russian Research Institute of Grain and its Processing Products, (VNIIZ) - a branch of the Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution "FNTs of Food Systems named after I.I. V.M. Gorbatov" RAS, Moscow

Research Interest

Narrow scientific interests are the technique and technology of infrared heat treatment of grain and cereals, the production of functional grain products.