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·        Perinatal nutrition
·        Genetics of Chrononutrition
·        Nutrigenomics of food pesticides
·        Pharmaconutrigenetics
·        Bioactives and Phytonutrients
·        Nutrigenetics of cardiovascular disease
·        Quality and Nutrition of Probiotics
·        Probiotics in Livestock and Poultry Production
·        The Immune System and Intestinal Microbiota
·        Probiotics Treatment and Prevention of Gastrointestinal Infections
·        Metaproteomics Approach to Gut Microbiota
·        Technological Aspects and Human Health
·        Micronutrients and Cardiovascular Disease
·        Dietary Prevention of Coronary Heart Disease
·        Dietary Considerations in the Elderly and Cardiovascular Health
·        Intermittent Fasting for CV Health
·        Chronic Infection as a Cause of Atherosclerosis
·        Food and Heart health
·        Epidemiology
·        Anthropometry as an Index of Nutritional Status
·        Fetal Malnutrition
·        Animal Under nutrition
·        Acute Malnutrition
·        Pathophysiology of malnutrition
·        Nutritional consequences of bariatric surgery
·        Effect of anticachectic agents in cancer
·        Nutrition and the Immune System
·        Nutritional support in renal disease
·        Carbohydrates used in nutrition support
Food Science is a multi-disciplinary field including science, organic chemistry, sustenance, microbiology and designed to give one the logical information to take care of genuine issues related with the various types of attributes related to food structure. 
Food science coordinates this wide put-together information and center it with respect to food. A food framework incorporates all cycles and foundations engaged with taking care of a populace: developing, gathering, handling, bundling, shipping, showcasing, utilization, conveyance, and removal of food and food-related things. It likewise incorporates the information sources required and yields created at every one of these means. A food framework works inside and is impacted by friendly, political, financial, and natural settings. 
The branch of dietetics related with the utilization of food varieties for therapeutic purpose is known as diet treatment. Diet treatment is an organically based practice which uses specific dietary regimens to 
Treat or forestall a particular sickness (like oncology or cardiovascular issues) 
Generally, promote health 
Detoxify the body (by killing or dispensing with poisons from the body) 
Some normal therapeutic diets are clear fluid eating routine, full fluid eating routine, high fibre diet, renal diet, pureed diet, food hypersensitivity alteration and so forth It is intended to keep up with, restore and right nourishing status. For instance, decrease calories for weight control, give additional calorie to weight acquire. Balance amount of fat, carbohydrate and protein for control of diabetes
Obesity is characterized as the abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that might harm the strength of the person. At the point when the body isn't getting the enough nutrients which it needs to build the healthy bones, skin, and hair is called as underweight. Weight Index (BMI) lesser than or equivalent to 18.6 is considered underweight. BMI more noteworthy than or equivalent to 30 is viewed as obesity. An energy imbalance between calories burned-through and calories consumed is the principal reason for weight. These might be because of an expanded admission of energy-thick food varieties that are high in fat and carbohydrates, likewise changing methods of transportation, and expanding urbanization has prompted decline in actual work. Underweight likewise adversely affect the wellbeing and may prompt Osteoporosis, Skin, hair, or teeth issues, Getting debilitated much of the time, Anaemia, Irregular periods, Premature births, Slow or hindered development. 
Food Sensitivity is the response is set off by the digestive system that may be associated with expanded levels of certain IgG class antibodies that are receptive to that food. Indications of food narrow mindedness incorporate Diarrhoea, Bloating, Rashes, Headaches, Nausea, Fatigue, Abdominal pain, Runny nose, Reflux, Flushing of the skin.
The food varieties that are for the most part touchy are Dairy, Gluten, Caffeine, Salicylates, Amines, Fermentable Oligo, mono, di saccharides and polyols. Sulphides, eggs, sugar, alcohols, yeasts, fructose, Aspartame, Monosodium glutamate, food colourings yeasts, sugar alcohols. Food Sensitivity is less serious however they can contrarily influence the life, so it's smarter to distinguish food sensitivity to prevent undesirable indications and medical problems. 
·        Agriculture’s Impact on Malnutrition
·        Sustainable agriculture
·        Micronutrient-enriched fertilizers
·        Organic Food
·        Valorization of food waste
·        Bioprocessing of agro-food resources
A thorough interdisciplinary field that spotlights on the science behind and application of  proper nutrition sustenance during exercise is known as sports Nutrition. Body's utilization of nutrients during athletic contest, nutritional supplements among competitors, the job of appropriate nourishment and dietary enhancements in upgrading a competitor's presentation is for the most part engaged. The psychological component of sports nutrition is worried about dietary issues and other mental conditions identified with sustenance among competitors. 

The nutrition standard guides in the management of the physical, mental, and psychosocial changes generally connected with growing old is called as geriatric nourishment. At the point when we grow old our metabolic rate eases back down, we lose bulk and even capacity of our organ will in general lull. Accordingly, it is expected to keep up with and work on the health by clinging to legitimate nutrition
The diet which totally wipes out animal products like eggs, meat, fish, poultry, cheddar, and other dairy items is known as vegan diet. Though the plant-based eating routine doesn't really wipe out every animal products however focus on eating for the most part plants, like organic products, vegetables, nuts, seeds and entire grains. 
Nutrition intake during pregnancy and lactation is significant as it will have long haul impact on the health of the kid in the later stage. Diet contains for the most part of entire grains, grown grams and fermented food varieties milk/meat/eggs in adequate amounts, a lot of vegetables and natural products. Likewise iron, folate and calcium, vitamin A, Iodine, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, supplements consistently from pregnancy and proceed with something very similar during lactation.
Pediatric nutrition is the dietary requirement of infants to help development and advancement. Balanced and healthy diet reinforces kid's immune system, keeps up with healthy weight, and helps in proper brain and bone turn of events. At first, the child obtains nutrition from breastmilk which is the ideal blend of nutrients, minerals and fats. It additionally contains antibodies that helps battle infections and microscopic organisms. 
Animal nutrition is for the most part characterized as the dietary nutrition needs of animals essentially those in agriculture and food creation yet it likewise incorporates zoos aquarium and the executives of wildlife. The livestock nutritional necessities is critical in keeping up with their general presentation. 
The diet admission should contain amino acids (fundamental and superfluous), carbohydrates, unsaturated fats, minerals, and nutrients. Certain supplements like arginine, glutamine, zinc, and formed linoleic corrosive) can manage quality articulation and key metabolic pathways to further develop ripeness, pregnancy result, safe capacity, neonatal endurance and development, feed proficiency, and meat quality. 
Pediatric nutrition is the dietary requirements of infants to help development and advancement. Balanced and healthy diet reinforces kid's immune system, keeps up with healthy weight, and helps in proper brain and bone turn of events. At first the child obtains nutrition from breastmilk which is ideal blend of nutrients, minerals and fats. It additionally contains antibodies that helps battle infections and microscopic organisms. 
Global Nutrition can be defined as a comprehensive look at nutritional status and determinants across different populaces around the world. While undernutrition is dominating in low-pay countries, overnutrition is more normal in major league salary nations and populaces. It is a science which helps in advancing the health status of the country by changing the food nourishment framework.
Nutrition has for some time been perceived as a fundamentally significant determinant of health status within both industrialized and industrializing nations. There is currently an expanded requirement for prepared general health nutritionists, to work in a scope of settings, to control and forestall diet-related issues.

·        Eco-Social Perspective: Countries, Policies, and Health
·        Cultural Issues in Healthcare
·        Global Epidemics in the 21st Century
·        Mental Health Issues
·        Preventive medicine & therapeutics
·        Clinical Epidemiology