Virtual Conference
Nutrition 2022

Saadia Mohamed Hashem Mohamed

Agric. Alexandria University, Egypt

Title: Evaluation of Nutritional Value and Acceptability of Chicken Nuggets Produced by Chicken Wings and Dehydrated Shellfish


Our study investigated the effect of utilizing chicken wings and dehydrated shellfish to produce chicken nuggets rich in protein, minerals and vitamins. The proximate composition, nutritional value, physical and sensorial properties were evaluated. The differently prepared chicken nuggets were supplemented with dehydrated shellfish CN 0%, CN 2%, CN 4% and CN 6%. There was a significantly reduction in moisture and an increasing in protein content (P< 0.05) in all Chicken Nuggets (CN) in comparison to the control. Fat content was significantly higher in CN 0% than CN 2%, CN 4% and CN 6%. Ash content was increasing with added dehydrated shellfish, while the reduction in carbohydrates and total calories of the different chicken nuggets were noticed with the significant gradual rise in pH values, TBA values showed no significant difference (P < 0.05) between chicken nuggets. Results showed that using dehydrated shellfish in preparing chicken nuggets caused a marked rise in its content of Ca, Fe, Na, K, Zn, Mg and Mn levels, CN 0% had the lowest concentration of all minerals, and had lower values of vitamins A, E and D but CN 6% had higher values of vitamins A, E and D. Control Nuggets (CN 0%) ha d the lowest value of yellowness and highest value of lightness but CN 6% had the highest value of yellowness and, the lowest value of lightness. The redness had a slightly reduction. All samples showed slight changes in hardness, cohesiveness, springiness, gumminess and chewiness were noticed. An increase in WHC, pick - up, and cooking loss of chicken nuggets with dehydrated shellfish was noticed. Panelists accepted all prepared chicken nuggets and the chicken nuggets CN 4% had the highest score compared with other chicken nuggets prepared.


Saadia Mohamed Hashem Mohamed is worked as a lecturer in Department of Food Science and Technology in College of Agriculture - Alexandria University. Scientific and practical expertise: Give lectures in some training programs about food production, human nutrition in Alexandria University and public associations to increase the awareness of good nutrition. Participating in analysis done in faculty’s analysis lab and provide scientific consulting for some food industry companies.