Virtual Conference
Nutrition 2023

Basavraj Inamdar

Karnataka Veterinary, Animal and Fisheries Sciences University, India

Title: Phenotypic and Carcass Characterization of Hassan Sheep


Hassan sheep is the third most populous breed of the five registered sheep breeds from Karnataka with limited studies on its morphological and carcass characteristics. Hence, the study was undertaken to know the present status of morphological and carcass characteristics of this breed. A total of 34 randomly selected flocks were surveyed and the data on various parameters were collected. The morphometrical data was collected on 344 sheep belonging to eight flocks from the breeding tract. The carcass characteristics were documented by slaughtering six male lambs (between nine to twelve months of age). These sheep had varied coat colors viz. complete white (23.3%), white with light brown patches (58.1%) and white with black patches (18.6%) on head and neck region. It was observed that 40.4 per cent of males and only 1.4 per cent of females were horned. Atrophied ears were noticed in 2.3 per cent of these sheep. The average adult body length (cm), height at wither (cm), chest girth (cm), paunch (cm), ear length (cm), tail length (cm) and average adult body weight (kg) were 66.4±0.62, 65.03±1.45, 75.2±1.02, 76.5±1.38, 15.2±0.07, 11.5±0.07 and 32.7±2.03 in males and 63.8±0.85, 61.7±1.38, 71.8±2.32, 74.5±2.60, 15.0±0.34, 11.3±0.08 and 27.8±1.21 in females, respectively. The difference in body weight between males and females increased significantly over the age. The pre-slaughter weight (PSW), hot carcass weight (HCW) and dressing percentage recorded were 20.3±1.42 Kg, 9.5±0.23 kg and 46.80 per cent, respectively. 


Basavraj Inamdar has completed his PhD (Animal Genetics & Breeding) at the age of 36 years from Karnataka Veterinary, Animal and Fisheries Sciences University, Bidar, Karnataka, India. He is working as Assistant Professor in the Department of Animal Genetics & Breeding, Veterinary College, Bengaluru for past 12 years. He has actively involved in teaching, research and extension activities bestowed upon him by the University. He has over 30 publications that have been cited over by several researchers. He has been serving as an editorial board member of several reputed journals.