Virtual Conference
Nutrition 2022

Chinaza Godswill Awuchi

Kampala International University, Uganda

Title: New Psychoactive Substances; an Insight


The study aimed at providing latest insight into several NPS (synthetic drugs), their associated effects, and their prevalence. The study clearly demonstrates the diversity of existing and new psychoactive substances with their various psychoactive effects, structures, adverse effects, properties, mechanism of actions, psychological and pharmacological properties, and widespread use. The new psychoactive substances (NPS) can be grouped into synthetic stimulants, synthetic cannabinoids, synthetic hallucinogens, synthetic opioids, benzodiazepines, and dissociatives. The increasing global emergence of many NPS constitutes a major challenge to drug rules, a risk to public health, and a problem to global mental health. As at today, more than 1124 NPS have been reported by at least 134 countries. Combating the use of NPS has many challenges. Some of the major challenges for forensic and clinical testing of NPS are the vast number and varieties of the new psychoactive substances currently available, accompanied by the rate new ones emerge all around the world, with the NPS developers often designing ways to avoid detection. Many techniques such as immunoassays, colorimetric tests, mass spectrometric techniques, chromatographic techniques, and hyphenated techniques are commonly employed for NPS detection. The mitigation of drug abuse and the use of NPS has been suggested through extensive community-based initiatives, with more focus on harm reduction strategy. Clinically validated and reliable NPS testing from human samples will be of value and importance to combating the prevalence of the use of illicit synthetic drug and NPS, along community-driven solution, such as harm reduction.


Chinaza G. Awuchi is rounding up his PhD. He is a lecturer and researcher at School of Natural and Applied Sciences, Kampala International University, Kampala, Uganda. He is affiliated with the Department of Healthcare Management, Unicaf University, Kampala, Uganda. He is a member of Nutrition Society of Nigeria (NSN), Nigeria Institute of Food Science and Technology (NIFST), and Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI). He has many publications as single author and in collaboration with academics and other authors from different parts of the world. His publications have been cited more than 750 times with more than h-index of 27. He has expertise and research interests in Food Chemistry, Food Science and Technology, Biotechnology, Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Nutritional Biochemistry, Biochemistry and Physiology of Human Nutrition, Brewing Science and Technology, Food Analysis and Instrumentation, Analytical Chemistry, Nutraceuticals, Public Health Nutrition, Experimental Nutrition, Nutrition and Toxicology, Food Engineering, Water Treatment and Management, International Community Nutrition, Food Waste Management, etc. He has attended and presented speeches at many national and international conferences. Currently, he is undertaking research in various areas related to his expertise and research interests.