Virtual Conference
Nutrition 2022

Dilip R. Khairnar

Deogiri College, India

Title: Socio-psychological Effects on Tuberculosis Patients from Maharashtra, India


Tuberculosis, one of the major diseases has been known to cause 1.5 million deaths globally. Many quantitative studies have investigated risk factors associated with poor adherence to anti-tuberculosis treatment. In the present study, we aimed to identify the relationship between socio-psychological factors and TB patients. The second objective of this study was to determine whether the association differs from treated and untreated persons. After being cured from the disease, patients share clothes or utensils with their family members. For a few patients psychological improvements were observed after some period of treatment whereas as in majority of patients psychological support by their family and friends was not received. This caused increase in emotional stress despite patients got cured off the TB infection. The important point noticed about the cured patients was augmented fighting spirit against this deadly disease. Recovered patients want to live more with the same joy and happiness after treatment.


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