Virtual Conference
Nutrition 2022

Elisabeth Borges Gonçalves

Embrapa Food Technology, Brazil

Title: Some methods of quality systems for food laboratories and their current uses


Embrapa Food Technology has been validating analytical and bioanalytical methods and using parameters from published international interlaboratory experiments and in-house validation tests to verify validation parameters. However behavior of some quality parameters for laboratories has shown inconsistencies. Therefore, exploratory plots, such as stem-and-leaf, have shown good results when searching for outliers more suitable than those commonly used statistical tests. Moreover, uncertainty over the working range of some methods indicated changes, which mainly depend on the method and matrix. The literature has been changed and updated, and some publications have recognized that much research has to be developed in many cases. However, further attention has to be paid to validation parameters, especially regarding data characteristics, statistical methods, and matrices.


Elisabeth Borges Gonçalves has completed her PhD at the age of 35 years from the University of Campinas (UNICAMP), Brazil. She worked in some universities as a Professor and, after this, she has been working at Embrapa Food Technology on several projects from diverse mixed domains, such as sensory evaluation of foods; environmental, social, and economic impacts of food technologies; statistics, metrology and quality for food laboratory testing for many years. She has published about 100 articles and has served as an editorial board member at multiple scientific journals, besides being a member at regulated profession councils in Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil.