Virtual Conference
Nutrition 2022

Gargee Rai

National Cancer institute, India

Title: Challenging nutritional rehabilitation of an infant with acute lymphoblastic leukemia combined by fungal sepsis and subacute intestinal obstruction post infectious (operated – exploratory laparotomy with resection and anastomosis)


BACKGROUND:  On intensive Chemotherapy the infant developed Neutropenic enterocolitis with severe fungal sepsis which later turned out to be a sub-acute intestinal obstruction in proximal part of the jejunum  with cleft palate. It was a rare finding which made the child malnourished with feeding difficulties.
CASE DETAILS: Male child, 1 year 5 months old with no co-morbidities underwent chemotherapy (CT) for Pre B cell ALL. Post 1st cycle of Chemotherapy he developed multiple complication
Ø  Acute lymphoblastic leukemia with acute gastroenteritis (Neutropenic enterocolitis)
Ø  Hypertensive encephalopathy (PRES)
Ø  Klebsiella sepsis
Ø  Subacute intestinal obstruction post infectious(operated – exploratory laparotomy with resection and anastomosis)
Ø  Severe acute malnutrition with cleft palate

Gargee Rai is an onco nutritionist at national Cancer institute , India. She done masters in clinical nutrition and dietetics pursuing PhD from Nims university , India. she is intensely working in the field of onco nutrition, she has been a part of India’s first cancer nutrition guidelines, got IAPEN (Indian association of enteral and parenteral nutrition ) award for best nutrition practice state level, got 3 IDA( Indian dietetics Association) awards for her case study at national conferences, presented as a speaker at various national and international conferences. : 6 years of oncology experience, 2yrs in Tata memorial hospital (worked as BMT Dietician)