Virtual Conference
Nutrition 2023

George Timothy Opande

Kaimosi Friends University, Kenya

Title: Phytochemical Screening and Antimicrobial Properties of Carissa edulis Extracts Obtained from Kaimosi Forest, Vihiga County, Kenya


Medicinal plants play an important role in human and animal healthcare. About 60% of the world’s population and 80% of Africa’s population depend on herbal medicine for their primary healthcare. In Vihiga county Kenya, C. edulis has been reported to manage several human disease conditions such as epilepsy, headache, toothache, cough, chest complaints, sickle cell anemia, gonorrhea, syphilis and rabies among others. Its therapeutic efficacy is attributed to numerous phytochemicals present in its extracts. In this study, a phytochemical analysis was carried out in the roots, leaves and bark extracts, to determine its antimicrobial effects on Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus laboratory cultures. Ethanol was used as solvent in the extraction after the extracts were ground. Different concentrations of 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% and sterile distilled (control) were used. Data on zone of growth inhibition was subjected to analysis of variance and the means separated compared using least significant differences at p? 0.05. The results showed the presence of an array of phytochemicals in the leaves, bark and roots of this plant. The bark for example tested positive for tannins, saponins, flavanoids, terpenoids, glycosides and sterols while the leaves and roots tested negative for saponins and flavanoids respectively. The leaves exhibited the greatest inhibition against Escherichia coli with a mean diameter of 7.57mm and all the three parts exhibited a significant difference. Different concentrations showed that inhibition increased concentration. The mean inhibition diameter at 100% was 8.96 while at 25% it was 7.21.


Dr GEORGE TIMOTHY OPANDE is a research scientist and lecturer at Kaimosi University. He has also worked at Maseno University, Maseno (Kenya) for over 25 years. He served as the chair Department Biology and Agricultural sciences before bening promoted to the Dean school of science at Kaimosi Friends University. He has over 45 publications that have been cited many times.  He has been serving as an editorial board member of several reputed journals