Virtual Conference
Nutrition 2022

Getahun Fentaw Mulaw

Woldia University, Ethiopia

Title: Nearly one-third of lactating mothers are suffering from under nutrition in pastoral community, Afar region, Ethiopia: Community-based cross-sectional study


Background: - Under nutrition is responsible for a significant proportion of maternal and child morbidity and mortality. Lactating women are nutritionally vulnerable groups because this period places a high nutritional demand on the mother and leads to nutritional stress. Poor nutrition during lactation has a significant negative consequence to mothers and children’s survival, growth, and development. Therefore this study aimed to assess the nutritional status of lactating mothers and associated factors in pastoral community, Afar region, Ethiopia.
Methods: - A community-based cross-sectional study was conducted from January 5/2020 to February 10/2020, in the Abala district. The data were collected from a sample of 366 lactating mothers whose children aged less than 24 months. Data was collected through face-to-face interviews and anthropometric measurements. Study participants were recruited using a systematic sampling technique. Anthropometric measurements (both body mass index and mid-upper arm circumference) were taken from each mother using calibrated equipment and standardized techniques. Data were entered into Epi-data version 4.2 and exported to SPSS version 22 for analysis. Predictor variables with a P-value < 0.25 at bivariable analysis were candidates for the final model. Statistical significance was declared at P-value of < 0.05 in the multivariable logistic regression.
Result: - This study showed that 120(32.8%) and 122(33.3%) surveyed mothers were undernourished using a cut-off body mass index <18.5 kg/m2 and mid-upper arm circumference <23 Centimetre, respectively. Lactating mothers who didn’t meet the minimum dietary diversity score were more than five (Adjusted odds ratio (AOR) = 5.103; 95% confidence interval (CI): 2.128, 12.238) times more likely to be undernourished than those who met the minimum dietary diversity score. Mothers with short birth intervals were also more than four (AOR = 4.800; 95% CI: 2.408, 9.567) time more likely to be undernourished.
Conclusion: - Nearly one-third of lactating mothers were undernourished. Under nutrition among lactating mothers was significantly associated with maternal dietary diversity score and birth interval. Health education on proper and adequate maternal dietary feeding practices, and proper family planning utilization during lactation should be emphasized.


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