Virtual Conference
Nutrition 2022

Hanan Aref Hasan

The University of Jordan, Jordan

Title: First Record and Molecular Identification of Amantia manginiana in Jordan


The occurrence of the edible basidiomycete Amantia manginiana is reported for the first time in Jordan. Large crumbly white wild mushroom was collected from woodland during December 2014 from Dabouq in Jordan. All morphological characteristics including cap, stem, gills and spores were recorded. The mycelium was isolated by aseptically removing a small part of the fruiting body and transferring it onto potato dextrose agar plate. After four days of incubation at 25-30 °C in the dark, a pure culture was obtained. Sequence analysis of partial fragement of 28S nuclear large subunit (nLSU) in the ribosomal DNA gene of the isolated stains included the new strain within taxon Amanita manginiana  with 95% similarity to Genebank accession No. KP161281 and 91% to Genebank accession No. AF024463.1 respectively. According to morphological characteristics and molecular sequence analysis, the mushroom was identified as Amanita manginiana and recorded for the first time in Jordan.


Dr. Hanan Arief Melseh Hasan obtained her PHD degree in Plant Protection from the Jordan University and M.Sc. degrees in Plant Protection from Jordan University of Science and Technology. Post Doctorate from AgroParisTech in France. I worked as Assistant Professor in faculty of Agriculture / Jerash University and a teaching assistant in the same university. Dr. Hanan Hasan research interests include: plant Protection, Plant pathology, Plant dieses of Field and horticulture crop, Mushroom, Fungi, Molecular identification of plant diseases. And Plant diseases management