Virtual Conference
Nutrition 2022

Mariam Abbas Soharwardi

Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan

Title: Thinness and Health: Social, Economic and Behavioral Factors of Health among the Women


To investigate the social, economic and behavioral factors of health among the women for a panel of five South and Southeast countries. Data of five South and Southeast countries was collected from the respective Demographic & Health Surveys (DHS). Married women currently living with their husbands at the age of 15-49 years were selected as the target population taken from South and Southeast countries. Women health is measured by women body mass index and considered in good health if BM1 =>18.5kg/m2. Social factors (age, education, children. household size and locality), economic factors (household wealth and husband’s employment status) and behavioral factors (attitude toward women empowerment) were decided to determine their effects on health. The conceptual framework of this paper is based on the behavioral health theories. The Binary logistic regression model is used to predict the relationship between the health (BMl =>I8.5kg/m2) and social, economic and behavioral factor. Women empowerment seems to be positively associated with women’s good health (Low=8.1%, middle=62.7% and higher= 15.7%). Similarly, other factors like women's education, women’s age, her age at first birth, number of children alive, household wealth, household size, and place of residence, husband education and husband’s employment status have a significant influence on women’s health. Results indicate that women empowerment (behavioral factors), economic factors and social factors and underweight (BMI =>I 8.5) were positively associated with each other. It has been proved with the evidence of results that women empowerment and other characteristics altogether make a healthy woman.


Dr. Mariam A. Soharwardi has keen interest in research work. She got her PhD in Economics. She has great contribution in conducting case studies of different rural areas of Pakistan. In her views research is an organized and systematic way of finding answer to questions. She is lecturer at the department of economic. The Islamia University of Bahawalpur.