Virtual Conference
Nutrition 2022

Moh Moh Hlaing

Republic of the Union of Myanmar, Myanmar

Title: Dual burden of malnutrition among primary school children in Myanmar


The distribution of childhood nutritional diseases is shifting from a predominance of under nutrition to a dual burden of under- and over nutrition in low and middle income countries. Rapid economic development and urbanization leads to an increase in overweight and obesity and diet-related chronic diseases. The co- existence of under- and over nutrition is double burden and this is a public health challenge for community. The study was conducted to find the nutritional status of primary school children in Myanmar according to geographical distribution. The study was school based descriptive study and conducted during November,2014  to February ,2015 in basic primary schools, basic middle schools and basic high schools in urban and rural area of Yangon, Mandalay, Taungyi and Mawlamyaing. A total of  (2937) Grade IV and Grade V students were measured for weight, height and waist circumference by standard equipment and standard procedure.The overall prevalence of stunting, wasting, overweight , obesity  and anaemia were 8.8%, 15%, 4.6% and 3.1% and 36.1%respectively. The prevalence of stunting, over weight and obesity were more prevalent in boys and wating and anaemia were more prevalent in girls. The result showed that the  stunting was more prevalent in rural than in urban(7.5% in Urban and 12.0% in rural). The prevalence of overweight and obesity were  higher in urban than rural area  (overweight -5.3%in urban  and 2,8% in rural,  obesity - 3.8%  in urban and  0.9% in rural).The mean (SD) of  height,weght and BMI of boys and girls were  131.6(6.9)cm vs 131.4(6.9) m,26.9(6.6)kg  vs 26.4(5.9)kg          and  15.4(2.6) vs 15.1(2.3) respectively. Children residing in urban area had higher anthropometric parameter than rural children. The findings of this study showed that malnutrition, both under nutrition and over nutrition were found  in primary school children. The findings  highlighted the need for continued health promotion efforts to improve nutritional status of primary school children.


Moh Moh Hlaing is Deputy Director and Head of Nutrition Research Division, under the Department of Medical Research, Ministry of Health and Sports, Myanmar. She was a Research Scientist and Research Officer in the same division prior to her current appointment. Her area of research interests include dietary pattern and nutritional status assessments, dietary behavior related to health, intervention to improve nutritional status of community especially in maternal and child nutrition, healthy lifestyle promotion  among school children and lifestyle promotion to prevent cardiovascular risk factors of diet related and non- communicable diseases. She serve as  a Lecturer  in Research Methodology and Bioethics training workshop conducted by Department of Medical Research  annually. She  serve as  the  lecturer of 2nd year Master of Preventive and Tropical Medicine and first year MMedSc(Physiology)  University of Medicine  (1) and (2), Yangon and Mandalay. She has authored and co-authored of more than 10  peer reviewed articles published in reputable local and international journal. Dr. Hlaing obtained her M.B.B.S from the Institute of Medicine 2 in 1999 and her M.Med.Sc (Public Health) from the University of Medicine 2 in 2006 in Yangon, Myanmar.