Virtual Conference

Muhammad Badar Habib

The Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan

Title: Physical Activity in Pakistani Perspective: Issues, Implications and Recommendations


The detailed benefits of physical activity (PA) such as physical, psychological, and social aspects for humans have been well correlated with alleviated cardio-vascular disorders, obesity, cancer, social anxieties, and depressions, and enhanced socio-economic profile. In children and adolescents, PA has been correlated with academic achievements, social harmony, and mental health. Similarly, in adults/old people, PA has been of variable benefits, bringing the chances of prolonged healthier lives. Though, substantial work has been reported globally, yet there still is a paucity of literature in Pakistan regarding various aspects of PA. This narrative review is being presented with an objective to summarize all the research work conducted at/emanated from Pakistan in teens/college/school-goers and university students, and adults from Pakistan on associated aspects of PA, its present scenario, pitfalls, future horizons, and to ultimately deduce gaps in research areas which can be taken up for the directional approach to enhance PA within the Pakistani community.


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