Virtual Conference
Nutrition 2023

Naman Bhardwaj

Gautam Buddha University, India

Title: Isochoric freezing of foods: A review of instrumentation, mechanism, physicochemical influence, and applications


This literature survey reveals the extended shelf life of foods when subjected to isochoric freeze processing. All other preservation aspects, thermal or non-thermal, contribute to food preservation as per their specific functionality. From the given set of available food preservation technologies, shelf life extension by way of isochoric freezing works very well to extend the shelf life of fresh agricultural produce, without any weight loss and browning reaction to occur. Similarly, isochoric freezing of spinach tends to retain the amount of ascorbic acid and phenolic compounds in it. On the other hand, preservation by conventional freezing results in weight loss, flavor, and odor degradation, for example in fish. The isochoric method act as panacea for such types of problems faced during storage. This method works on to the key element wherein maintenance of intracellular osmolarity prevent the passing of solute concentration gradients across bind and free space inside the food.


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