Virtual Conference
Nutrition 2022

Reena Verma

IIS (Deemed to be University), India

Title: Development of non-dairy Probiotic Drinks from Legume milk Enriched with Prebiotics


Present day consumers prefer functional foods that provide health-promoting components beyond traditional nutrients. So, recently the demand for non-dairy (cereals, legumes, nuts etc.,) based beverages has raised, due to the increased incidences of lactose intolerance and people following FAD lifestyles. Pro- and Prebiotic food products can be reinvented by applying modern technologies to meet the consumers’ rising demand of functional foods. The current research was about the development of non-dairy legume based synbiotic drinks from Chickpea and Cowpea, considering their novelty and health benefits. To the extracted legume milks, probiotics were added and after fermentation it was enriched with prebiotics, resulting in nutritionally healthy and desirable drinks for the consumers. The quality analysis of the highly acceptable drinks suggested good physico-chemical and nutritional properties, with low fat, moderate protein and carbohydrate contents. High ash content of the drinks indicated that they possess good mineral content, owing to the utility of selected prebiotics. The drinks were not only palatable, but also reported to have high antioxidant and probiotic properties. The drinks possessed recommended microbial load of 108 CFU/mL, according to WHO guidelines. They were aseptically packaged, labelled and analysed for shelf life. The cost analysis of the developed synbiotic drinks was done keeping in mind its market potential. The shelf-life analysis indicated that the drinks can be stored for 40 days under refrigeration temperature of ±4oC. The cost of the synbiotic drinks ranged between INR 9 to INR 17, depending upon the cost of the prebiotics added to the drinks. To conclude, the well-labelled and packaged probiotic and prebiotic formulations pave the future of new product development cycle, which can be commonly consumed for the maintenance of gut and general health, especially beneficial for lactose-intolerant people, low in fat and high in protein, cost effective and easily available, with high shelf-life.


Reena Verma has completed her PHD at the age of 41 years from IIS (Deemed to be University), Jaipur, INDIA. She is the currently working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Home Science with research hand in dietetics, nutrigenomics, food biochemistry and microbiology. She has 2 patents, 3 copyrights, over 18 publications that have been cited over 57 times, 6 chapters in edited books and two books under processing. She has been serving as an editorial board member of several reputed journals, and affiliated to many academic bodies. She is a registered dietitian with Indian Dietetic Association, India. And, also the Head and Director of the brand “Dieters Arc”