Virtual Conference

Rita Patil

SNDT Womens University, India

Title: High protein Indian snacks help reduce blood sugar levels.


Blood glucose levels are largely affected by the glycemic index of foods. Carbohydrates have the highest glycemic index. Protein helps to reduce the glycemic index of a meal. The study aimed to assess the effect of a protein rich snack on blood glucose. Three protein rich snacks were selected and each had 15 participants. BMI was calculated. A 24 hr dietary recall assessed the protein intake. Intervention with a protein snack was done. Blood sugar levels were checked before and after the snack was consumed. In group I (Methi Thins), mean BMI was 25.02 indicating pre-obese category which is a risk factor for developing diabetes. Also, the mean intake of protein per day was much lower than the recommended daily requirements. With the test food, blood glucose level reduced gradually. With the control food, blood glucose increased till 90 minutes and reduced only at 120 minutes. In group 2 (Peri-Peri thins), blood sugar values at 0 min, 30 mins and 60 mins were not significantly different between test food and control. However, the values at 90 mins and 120 mins were significantly lower in the test group as compared to the control (0.0.006 and 0.021 respectively). In group 3 (Chorafali thins) the mean values of blood glucose at 0, 60, 90 and 120 minutes were not significant. However, the mean value at 30 minutes was significantly lower in the test group. All the 3 snacks show that blood glucose can be lowered by the protein rich snacks. Also, protein rich snacks help increase the protein content of a diet. 


Rita Patil has a teaching experience of 36 years. She is guiding PhD and M.Sc. students. She has completed many research projects. She is a reviewer for journals. She has presented papers at National and International Conferences in India and abroad. She is a consultant to various organizations. She has been a Consultant to the International Food Research Policy in (2011) for six months on a project. She has her own clinic ‘Nutrition for U’ (since2006). She has published chapters in books. She has edited a book. She has several publications to her credit. Dr Patil has received awards for her research work in 2022 and 2023. She has recently been awarded the Best Teacher Award of SNDT University.