Virtual Conference
Nutrition 2023

Robert Bagngmen Bio

College of Health and Well-Being, Ghana

Title: Determinants of Tuberculosis Treatment Support Costs: Findings from Cross-sectional study of Treatment Supporters in Rural Ghana


Ghana health Service have implemented the Directly Observed Therapy Short Course (DOTS) strategy involving treatment supporters for decades to ensure cure and prevention of treatment defaulting. Treatment supporters may incur direct costs and lost productive time traveling and waiting at DOTS center to pick up drug. 
This study focuses on estimating tuberculosis treatment support costs and associated determinants in rural Ghana to inform policy on tuberculosis control and prevention.
The study employed a cross-sectional cost of illness approach with validated questionnaires for the direct and indirect cost incurred to 385 tuberculosis treatment supporters.  Descriptive statistic, cost estimation and bivariate analysis for predictors of the various cost’s components were the analysis techniques used in this study.
The results show that on an average, treatment supporters spent GHS 122.4 (US$21.1) on treatment support activities per month which is about 19% of their monthly income. Level of education, household size, monthly income and district of residence were identified as some of the socio-demographic factors that has significant influence on both the direct and indirect costs,  significant levels set at 95% confidence interval and p <0.05.
The study concludes that the estimated costs associated with assisting tuberculosis patients with treatment was significant. We recommend that the livelihood empowerment against poverty program in Ghana is extended to cover cost related to treatment support to mitigate the economic impact for treatment supporters.


Robert Bagngmen Bio is a recent graduate of PhD in public health from University of Ghana as well as  MSc, degree in public health from university of the west of England, UK.
He is a lecturer at College of Health and Well-Being, Kintampo and an adjunct lecturer at the Akenten Appiah-Menka University, Mampong Campus, Ghana. He has some publications.