Virtual Conference
Nutrition 2022

Samuel Diro

Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research, Ethiopia

Title: Economic Loss of Dairy Cattle Poor Reproductive Performance in Central Highlands of Ethiopia


The main objective of this study was to quantify the economic loss due to delayed conception in dairy cows and heifers in the central highlands of Ethiopia using data collected from 289 randomly selected dairy farmers of Oromia and Amhara national regional states. The study covered two zones of Oromia (Finfine special zone and North Shoa) and one zone of Amhara (North Shoa). A three-stage sampling technique was employed to select the sample for the study which involved
purposive and random sampling techniques. The data collection was done using a structured questionnaire using Computer Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI). Both descriptive and inferential statistics were used to analyze the data. The total loss due to poor reproductive performance per year per cow/heifer was the sum of milk loss, extra feed cost, extra medical cost, breeding cost, calf loss, and extra labor. 
The result of the study revealed that the mean annual cost of the poor reproductive performance of the crossbreed cow was ETB 32,068.53 (USD 1,167.40) with the mean per day cost of ETB 157.43 (USD 5.73). On the other hand, the mean annual cost of poor reproductive performance of local zebu cows was ETB 15,696.34 (USD 571. 39) with the mean per cow per day cost of ETB 54.90 (USD 2.00). Based on the results, a high proportion of poor reproductive performance costs of crossbreed cows goes to milk loss (53%) and extra feed cost (39%), and the highest proportion goes to cost of milk loss (53%) and cost of extra feed (33%) for local zebu cows. Concomitantly, the cost of poor reproductive performance (delayed conception) for crossbreed heifers was ETB 69,333.59 (USD 2,523.97) with a mean per heifer per day cost of ETB 151.75 (USD5.52), and the mean cost of poor reproductive performance of local zebu heifers along the study zones was ETB 27,010.75 (USD 983.28) with a mean per day per heifer cost of ETB 52.56 (USD 1.91). More than 55% of the cost goes to milk loss for both crossbreed and local zebu heifers. The study has also estimated the cost of delayed conception in central Ethiopia. The estimated result showed that the poor reproductive performance of crossbred cows annually costs ETB 2.053 billion (USD 74.737 million). On the other hand, poor reproductive performance of local zebu cattle costs ETB 14. 803 billion (USD 538.866 million). Finally, it is suggested to work on AI efficiency, timely culling, and using crossbred dairy cows to reduce the economic losses caused by delayed conception.


Samuel Diro has completed his MSc degree from Jimma University. He is serving the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultura Research as a researcher in the Agricultural Economics directorate. He has more than 25 publications that have been cited 42 times. His publication h-indexed is 3.