Virtual Conference
Nutrition 2022

Samwel Boaz Otieno

Lieue University, Kenya

Title: Effect of selenium on weight change of HIV1 positive pre-puberty treatment naive children


Seleno-proteins, Iodothyronine 5’ dehydronases (DIO) affect the function of thyroid gland. The expression of receptors of DIOs are affected by sex hormones (Oestradiol and Testosterone). The objective of this research therefore was to study differential effect of these hormones in boys and girls (Tick-Phenomenon). Methods: Fifty HIV 1 positive, treatment Naïve children, were enrolled for the study. Half 25 were given fixed dose of 50 µgm yeast selenium while the matched 25 were on control. Weight was taken at 0, 3 and 6 months. Results: Children on selenium had weight gain of 2.5Kg at six months. The weight for age Z score increased above -2SDs cut off point at six months among children on selenium, in all age categories {, 3-5 years 1.20±2.45, 6-8years 0.19±0.880, 9-15 years 0.97±1.22}. In the matched Controls there was a decrease in WAZ in all the age categories to below -2SDs at six months {, 3-5 years -2.218±1.46, 6-8 years - 2.95.±3.10, 9-15 -2.30±1.240}. There was a significant WAZ difference between controls and selenium group at six months {F (5,12)==5.758, P=0.006}. Female children on selenium initially had a decrease and then sharp increase in WAZ (Tick Phenomenon), compared to the males who had a gradual increase in WAZ. Conclusion: It can be concluded that intake of yeast Selenium led to significant increase in weight for age Z score at six months and that there is gender related differences in weight change between HIV 1 positive female and male children on test and controls, the females showing Tick phenomenon. 


Dr Samwel Boaz Otieno, BVM, MPH, PhD is Public health specialist Working in HIV Control program in Kenya. He led the revision of curriculum of pre-service certificate training in Animal health colleges (AHITI) in the Ministry to include HIV/AIDS. He has been a chairman of Agriculture and Rural Development Sector (ARD) HIV/AIDS Committee at National AID Control Council (2009-2013), a member of National Advisory Panel of RENEWAL/IFFPRI Kenya chapter (2005 -2010). Currently he is a member of Africa Fund for Endangered Wild life Species (AFEW). Dr Otieno also initiated and successfully implemented HIV pilot project (Mifugo AIDS Pilot Project) funded by world Bank through Multi-country AIDS Program (MAP) as a mitigation strategy to improve food and nutrition security targeting 600 HIV vulnerable households in six counties in Kenya. Dr Otieno is specializing in role of selenium in HIV pathogenesis in most vulnerable population including children. He is also a research scientist with experience in HIV/AIDS impact studies. He has led three studies on impact of HIV/AIDS on Pastoralists, Fisheries, and small holders farmers in Kenya. He has published over twenty papers and book chapters in peer reviewed journals and one book.