Virtual Conference
Nutrition 2022

Shereen Hafez Ibrahim Mohamed

Cairo University , Egypt

Title: Caries Free Society: Fighting Dental Caries by Nutrition


Caries affecting teeth is one of the most widespread problems in public health worldwide. Being considered as the major oral problem, it affects 2.4 billion people worldwide; about 60-90% of children and may reach to 100% of adult population. It is a disease that is considered multifactorial and is affected by many variables such as the patient’s general health, the oral hygiene measures, the type and amount of diet and type of flora of the oral cavity, factors present in the saliva and fluoride exposure. Caries has been combated using various products, methods and strategies. However, it is rather important to concentrate on patient comfort and make oral health care simple and effective. This can be achieved by preventing exposures to risks that cause injury or disease, and changing dangerous or unhealthy behaviors that lead to disease, and by making the resistance higher, against the disease. Amongst primary preventive level, there are health promotion aspects including diet planning, dental health education and awareness program, and diet counselling. In this lectures, several recently published articles will be discussed.


Shereen Hafez Ibrahim is the assistant professor of conservative dentistry, faculty of dentistry Cairo University Egypt and editor of textbook entitled:” Nanotechnology in Conservative Dentistry” published by Elsevier. Editorial advisory board member for Heliyon Journal (Dentistry Section), Editorial board member at Mathews Journal of Dentistry, International member at ADA (American Dental Association) and International member at Digital Dentistry Society (DDS), PhD degree in Operative Dentistry (2010), Master degree in Dental Science (2007, Bachelor of Dental Medicine & Surgery (BDS, 2001), Supervisor for more than 75 master and PhD thesis till present at conservative dentistry Cairo University and many international publications, PhD program coordinator, PhD course coordinator of nanotechnology, program director for internship program at conservative dentistry department, peer reviewer and mentor at Publons Academy.