Virtual Conference
Nutrition 2023

Tougan Polycarpe Ulbad

University of Parakou, Benin

Title: Technolgical and nutritional qualities of


The cattle herd of Benin includes several breeds with a predominance of the Borgou and Azawak breeds in the public farms. The study aims to compare the technological and nutritional characteristics of "Wagashi" cheeses made from milk of these two genetic types of cows raised on natural pasture at the Okpara breeding farm. So, 10 liters of fresh milk from each breed were collected for the production of cheese used for the study. It appears that the luminance cheeses from Borgou cows is lower than that of Azawak cheeses (86.4 vs 89.2; P <0.01). However, the values of red index, pH, titratable acidity (° D) and texture (N) of the cheeses of the both genetic types were similar with the respective values of -1.9,; 6.48; 0.14 and 7.2 for the Borgou breed and -1.85; 6.52; 0.13 and 6.8 for the Azawak breed (P> 0.05). However, the yolk index (b*) is 13.89 for Borgou cheeses to 12.6 for Azawak cheeses (P <0.05). Nutritionally, the dry matter content (38.5% vs 36.69%; P <0.001), fat content (6.9% vs 4.65%; P <0.001) and protein content (8, 89% vs. 8.28%; P <0.05) of Borgou cheeses were higher than those of Azawak cheeses. The ash content was 1.41 for Borgou cheeses to 2.3 for Azawak cheeses (P <0.001). Traditional cheese processing technology may be promoted for food security in Benin.


Prof. TOUGAN Polycarpe Ulbad is Professor of Nutrition and food science at the Department of Nutrition and Food Science/ Faculty of Agronomy at the University of Parakou (Benin). He has completed his PhD in Food standards, quality control and technology on 2013 at the age of 26 years. He had been postdoctoral researcher at Gembloux Agro Bio Tech/ University of Liège (Belgium) from 2014 to 2017 at the laboratory of “Agro-food Product Quality and Security”. He is currently the Head of Open Distance Courses (Bachelor & Master degrees) in Agricultural Sciences. Moreover, he is the Associate Coordinator of the Program of Food Security and Nutrition of the African and Malagasy Council for Higher Education (CAMES). He has published 68 papers in reputed journals and 38 oral presentations in the field of Nutrition, Food Security and Quality. Furthermore, he is Laureate of 3 Awards and Prizewinner of 8 research grants of ARES-CCD, HAAGRIM Project, DAAD-DIES, TWAS-UNESCO, etc...