Virtual Conference
Nutrition 2022

Yilkal Simachew

Hawassa University, Ethiopia

Title: Treatment Outcomes and Predictors of Recovery from Severe Acute Malnutrition Among Children Aged 6–59 Months Attending an Outpatient Therapeutic Program in Wenago District, Southern Ethiopia


Background: The outpatient therapeutic program (OTP) of children with severe acute malnutrition (SAM) brought the treatment approach closer to the community. In spite of the high coverage and accessibility, a low recovery rate of OTP is often reported. Thus, the aim of this study was to assess the treatment outcomes and identify predictors of recovery among children aged 6– 59 months with SAM enrolled to OTP in Wenago district, Southern Ethiopia.
Methods: A facility-based cross-sectional study was conducted by assessing health records and interviewing mothers of 554 children, who were treated between July 2017 and February 2018. A single stage cluster sampling was used to enroll the study participants. The data were coded and entered into EpiData version 3.1, and analyzed by SPSS version 20. Binary logistic regression was used to identify predictors of recovery. All statistical tests in this study were declared significant at P< 0.05.
Results: The recovery, average weight gain rate and length of stay were 70.4%, 3.9 g/kg/day and 6.67 weeks, respectively. The adjusted odds ratios to recovery of children who were treated with amoxicillin, born from a mother whose age at first marriage was > 18 years, from a food secured household and had access to safe water sources were (AOR=3.97, 2.75, 3.21 and 2.96; 95% CI= 2.32, 6.78, 1.54, 4.93, 1.86, 5.52, and 1.61, 5.45), respectively. Conversely, children from households with three under-5 year olds had a 86% (AOR=0.14; 95% CI 0.05, 0.38) less risk of recovery as compared to children from households with only one under-5-year-old child.

Yilkal simachew has completed his masters degree in reproductive health at age of 26 years old from university of dilla. Currently he is working at hawassa university, ethiopia as lecturer and researcher. He has muliple experience of wining grants from national sources and participated as reviewer in different journals.