Session: Dietetics

Nutrition 2022


The branch of dietetics related with the utilization of food varieties for therapeutic purpose is known as diet treatment. Diet treatment is an organically based practice which uses specific dietary regimens to 
Treat or forestall a particular sickness (like oncology or cardiovascular issues) 
Generally, promote health 
Detoxify the body (by killing or dispensing with poisons from the body) 
Some normal therapeutic diets are clear fluid eating routine, full fluid eating routine, high fibre diet, renal diet, pureed diet, food hypersensitivity alteration and so forth It is intended to keep up with, restore and right nourishing status. For instance, decrease calories for weight control, give additional calorie to weight acquire. Balance amount of fat, carbohydrate and protein for control of diabetes
 ØDietary Supplements 
 ØPrebiotics and Probiotics 
 ØPersonalized Nutrition 
 ØFood, Nutrition and Drug Interaction