Virtual Conference
Nutrition 2023

Abdulameer Allaith

University of Bahrain , Bahrain

Title: Antioxidants in Date Fruits and the Extent of the Variability of the Total Phenolic Content: Review and Analysis


The date fruit is economically important agricultural commodity and a staple food in many countries in the Arab world, North Africa, and the Middle East. Recent interest in its nutritional, health, and therapeutic attributes is manifested by the rise in scientific publications. Dates of various cultivars are widely publicized and highly ranked as rich sources of natural antioxidant constituents and antioxidant activity. Such publicity, whether justified or not, is sometimes accompanied by misconceptions and claims of cultivar- and/or country-wise superiority. This work examines these claims using a dataset generated from scientific studies published over the last three decades focusing on the total phenolic (TP) content of three stages of date maturity, with emphasis on the last stage, the Tamer. The dataset contains TP values (mg GAE/100 g dry matter) from 18 countries and 243 cultivars and included 583 entries with emphasis on the variability of TP values. Statistical analysis indicates a great variability of TP content, both within a particular cultivar and among different cultivars. Claims of cultivar- and country-wise superiority and very high ranking of date antioxidant activity are not substantiated. This work also discusses the probable causes of high variability and calls for a collaboration work to address the issue.


Ameer Allaith has completed his PhD from Univ. of California - Davis, USA, M.Sc. in Biotechnology (AGU, Bahrain), B.Sc. in food science and technology (WSU, Australia); He worked as An Associate Professor of Biochemistry, Biology Dep - Science College, Univ. of Bahrain (UOB) till Sept 2016; He worked with the Public Health Dep. in Bahrain for 18 years in Communicable Diseases & Food Safety and Hygiene Sections; He has over 22 publications that have been cited over 450 times. He also served as an editorial board member of 2 scientific journals; He taught under- and graduate level courses includ: Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Protein Biotech., Nutrition (Intro & advanced), Nutritional Epidem., Environ. Pollution; He was a member of the National Technical Committee for Food and Agriculture Standards and Specifications for more than 10 years; He served as a speaker, consultant and external expert for a number of conferences and workshops pertinent to food safety including workshops funded by USA for the benefit of Food Safety &hygiene Authority in Iraq.