Virtual Conference

Ahmed Husain Ebrahim

Government Hospitals , Bahrain

Title: COVID-19 Information-Seeking Behavior and Anxiety Symptoms among Parents


The purpose of the study is to assess the COVID-19 information-seeking behavior (COVID-19 ISB) among parents in times of uncertainty and its potential association with anxiety symptoms. Methods: Using a web-based cross-sectional survey, 306 self-selected parents participated in the study with complete responses towards the Generalized Anxiety Disorder 7-item (GAD-7) scale and COVID-19 ISB variables. Descriptive, correlation, and regression analyses were applied. Results: During the COVID-19 outbreak in Bahrain, about 18% of responding parents had moderate-severe anxiety symptoms (score ?10 on GAD-7). The mean GAD score was 5.76±4.7.  Generally, females scored a mean of (6.84±4.8), which is higher than males (4.41±4.3), (t[304] = -4.59, p ? .001). Participants’ utmost priority, when they sought COVID-19 information, was to know about “how to apply a proper self-quarantine”. The most relied-on source for COVID-19 information was “social media accounts of health organizations”. The most restricting obstacles to seeking COVID-19 information were the “spread of rumors” and the “massive information about the disease”. The frequency of exposure to COVID-19 information was significantly associated with GAD (r[304] = 0.25, p ? .001). 75% of participants were satisfied with the current possibilities of acquiring COVID-19 information. This factor of satisfaction was an independent predictor for GAD, OR: 4.2 [95% CI 2.2-7.8], p ? 0.001. Conclusion: The patterns and characteristics of parents’ COVID-19 ISB have the potential to influence the severity of anxiety symptoms among parents and vice versa. During pandemics, measures and strategies to reinforce a wise parent’s ISB and mitigate their anxieties must be a public health priority.


Dr. Ahmed Husain Ebrahim - MBA, DBA - is a rehabilitation expert with a wide spectrum of experiences in healthcare management, long-term care, holistic health, and seniors' well-being, formerly in the Ministry of Health, and currently in the Government Hospitals in Bahrain.  His master's and doctorate dissertations focused on the development and trustworthiness of the healthcare sector. He is actively engaged in projects of advancing operational and strategic excellence in rehabilitation, healthcare practices & quality-of-life-promoting approaches. He is an active speaker in the fields of health promotion, human well-being, and healthcare leadership and advancement. He is also a research professional affiliated with Ahlia University-Bahrain. He has published several studies in reputable international journals, alongside his peer-review contributions for many international journals. His research interests and publications are in the areas of community health, psychological well-being, holistic health, and health management. On the other aspect, his dynamic commitment as a board member with different nationally licensed societies (NGOs) in health and social responsibility has empowered the creation of opportunities to extend knowledge and promote joint actions toward community support.