Virtual Conference

Awatef Ali Bivarchi

Hamad Medical Corporation , Qatar

Title: Factors influencing rehabilitation and education in children who have cochlear implants: An integrative review


Several factors might impact the development of auditory, speech, and communication skills as well as academic performance in children with cochlear implants. These factors are important for these children’s transition to mainstream education. A lack of understanding among school staff about cochlear implant technology and these children’s special needs affects their school performance. Therefore, educational services need to include specialized sessions for nurses and teachers to meet the educational and special needs of these children. Children face challenges at schools due to a lack of experts who are familiar with the needs of children with cochlear implants. To realize the children’s needs and provide proper educational support by school staff, teaching and training sessions need to be.


Awatef Ali Bivarchi completed her MSc from University of Calgary, Qatar. She is the leader senior technician in cochlear implant clinic at Hamad Medical Corporation. She had 18 years of experience in this field, she participated in several studies regarding hearing. Recently she is participated in Incidence of pediatrics and adult cochlear implants in Cochlear implant clinic at Ambulatory Care Center in Qatar: A retrospective study, which will be completed by December 2023.