Virtual Conference
Nutrition 2022

David Wortley

International Society of Digital Medicine, United Kingdom

Title: Digital Health, Nutrition and Healthy Ageing


One of the greatest global health challenges is the Ageing Society phenomenon which threatens the sustainability of public health services across the world. A combination of greater longevity, lifestyle related chronic health conditions such as obesity and a proportionately declining workforce means greater health costs for the elderly borne by a shrinking workforce. Healthy Active Ageing based around exercise, diet, hydration, sleep and mindfulness is key to future sustainability. This presentation shares some practical experiences of the growing number technologies designed to tackle this challenge including mobile health applications, the emerging science of epigenomics and gamification to encourage engagement and compliance. 


David Wortley is a Vice President of the International Society of Digital Medicine and specialises in digital health and digital therapeutics for personal health management. He is a keynote speaker at international conferences on digital medicine.