Virtual Conference
Nutrition 2022

Diana Miriam Kabbache

El Salvador University, Argentina

Title: Extensively hydrolyzate formulas acceptance in treatment of Cow's Milk Protein Allergy


Introduction Symptoms from allergy to cow's milk protein may impair a child's growth and development and affect associated nutritional needs. In children consuming formula as a supplement to breastfeeding or when breastfeeding is not possible, a formula with extensively hydrolyzed protein (eHF) should be indicated as the first option. Adequate intake is necessary to reverse symptoms and regain growth. However, infants frequently reject eHFs due to unpleasant taste. Combinations of ingredients and their chemical structure could be responsible for better taste or greater acceptance of eHF, facilitating the nutritional recovery of the infant and adherence to treatment.


Diana Kabbache is Bachelor on Nutrition (Buenos Aires University). She has experience in pediatrics Nutrition and Inmunonutrition, and has been studying Physic and Chemistry to search the effects of the composition of food for special treatmens at Buenos Aires University, Salvador University and public hospitals. She has several publications a book and chapters about her speciality.