Virtual Conference

Dmitriy Samofalov

Russian Institute of Health, Russian Federation

Title: Professional burnout and quality of life of doctors


Burnout among medical workers is one of the reasons for personnel shortage, which currently stands at 7.2 million people worldwide, and according to the World Health Organization “A Universal Truth: No health without a workforce" will reach 12.9 million specialists in 2035. Results of a number of domestic studies confirm that this problem is relevant to Russia either. There is a strong evidence that burnout is associated with the reduced quality of care and decreased life quality of doctors. The purpose of the study was to assess the level of professional burnout and life quality of doctors in the Russian Federation in 2021 by federal district. 


Dmitriy has completed Mater’s degree at the age of 21 years from Higher School of Economics, Moscow. He is leading specialist and young scientist of strategic development department of Russian Institute of Health, Moscow. He has over 30 publications. His project (Rehabilitation device SmartArm) is winner of the competitions: «Innovation and invention of the year», «Startup Tour», «Student Startup». The main research topics are professional burnout, telemedicine, rehabilitation medical devices. Dmitriy will complete PhD in 2025.