Virtual Conference
Nutrition 2023

Fernando Josué Pérez Lagos

Dietitian-Nutritionist in Research and Clinical Care, Spain

Title: Dual Effect of the Branched-Chain Aminoacids and their Relationships whit Insulin Resistance


Insulin resistance is a complication present in subjects with obesity and has been identified as a key factor in the appearance and progression of diabetes mellitus type 2. Numerous studies highlight the benefits of a high-protein diet for both the treatment of obesity and insulin resistance. However, despite these benefits, a high protein diets been linked to worse metabolic dysfunction, and even worsened insulin resistance. Thanks to studies in metabolomics, it has been postulated that branched-chain amino acids may be mediating these contradictory effects of a high protein intake and its relationship with insulin resistance. The emerging evidence regarding the paradoxical effect that branched-chain amino acids can have on body homeostasis. Different contexts such as the presence of obesity, dietary patterns, origin of proteins in foods that contain branched-chain amino acids, physical exercise, intestinal microbiota, sex as well as genetic load, are variables to take into account to evaluate the role of these amino acids.


Fernando Josué Pérez Lagos is from El Paraíso, El Paraíso, Honduras. He has completed his studies in nutrition and nutrigenomics in Spain. During this time, he has participated in projects such as analysis of the carotenoids in human plasm, chronic renal failure, chronic dysphagia and the project: precision medicine infrastructure associated with science and technology. Actually, he is currently working on Dietitian-Nutritionist in Research and Clinical Care in Spain.