Virtual Conference

Hadeel Ghazzawi

The University of Jordan, Jordan

Title: Exploring the relationship between micronutrients and athletic performance: a comprehensive systematic review of the literature in sports medicine


This systematic review is designed to investigate the impact of micronutrient intake and athletic performance. The review focuses on how micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants affect physical performance. The goal is to identify which micronutrients are most beneficial for improving athletic performance and to provide guidance to athletes and coaches. The study conducted a systematic search of electronic databases using keywords related to micronutrients, athletic performance, and exercise. the search involved particular criteria of studies published in English between 1950 and 2023. The findings suggest that vitamins and minerals are crucial for an athlete's health and physical endurance, and no single micronutrient is more important than others. 
Micronutrients are necessary for optimal metabolic body’s functions. such as energy production, muscle growth, and recovery which are all important for sport performance. Athletes need to a meet their daily intake requirement of micronutrients. Although a balance diet which combines of healthy lean protein sources along with whole grains, fruits, and vegetables would be sufficient, athletes who are not consuming their micronutrient needs or have malabsorption or specific deficiencies a multivitamin supplements may be important . However, athletes should only take micronutrient supplements only with the consultation of a specialized physician or nutritionist  and avoid taking them without confirming a deficiency. 


Hadeel Ghazzawi is an associate professor at the University of Jordan department of Nutrition and Food Science. Phd in Nutritional science from Vienna University/ Austria. Medical Nutrition Master from Sheffield\ UK. Has 50 published papers. She is interested in Sport Nutrition along with geriatric and maternity nutrition. Founder of the Nutrition Student Research Club (NSRC) and the coordinator of Sport nutrition Diploma.