Virtual Conference

Jeffrey Allen Price

Think Potato Institute, USA

Title: THINK POTATO: A Potato-Centric View of Health and Wellness through Art and Culture


World Renowned Potato Artist Jeffrey Allen Price is pleased to submit an abstract for consideration for presentation at the 3rd International Conference on Nutrition and Healthcare in Dubai. His presentation, "THINK POTATO: A Potato-Centric View of Health and Wellness through Art and Culture,” explores the unique and diverse role of potatoes in art, culture, and society and how this connects with the broader themes of nutrition and healthcare. Potatoes have long been celebrated for their nutritional value, serving as a vital food source in many parts of the world. However, beyond their nutritional content, potatoes hold a special place in art and culture, as highlighted by Jeffrey Allen Price, an artist, curator, and scholar with almost three decades of dedication to what he terms "POTATOISM." Mr. Price has meticulously documented the symbolism of the potato in historical artworks, establishing POTATOISM and THINK POTATO as a philosophy and art movement. This presentation will delve into the "Potato Art Spectrum," which ranges from the potato's role as a nutritious staple to its use in humorous idiomatic expressions like "Couch Potato." Mr. Price will discuss how POTATOISM transcends traditional artistic boundaries, bringing people from diverse backgrounds together through potato-themed festivals, art exhibitions, and educational workshops. Mr. Price's activities demonstrate that the potato intersects with nearly all aspects of human endeavors, making it an effective and approachable tool to promote nutrition and healthcare awareness.
The presentation will also explore Mr. Price's efforts to educate people of all ages how to create art from potatoes, promoting engagement with this versatile vegetable while emphasizing its nutritional benefits. Additionally, he will discuss his ongoing initiatives, including a potato-themed podcast and a multi-language documentary project,
highlighting the global reach and cultural significance of the potato.

This abstract aims to inspire conference attendees to recognize the potato's potential beyond its nutritional value and consider innovative ways to promote nutrition and healthcare awareness within their communities. Mr. Price believes that understanding and celebrating the symbolism of the potato in art and culture can foster meaningful
collaborations across various disciplines to advance the cause of nutrition and healthcare. The artist looks forward to the opportunity to present his insights at the conference and engage in discussions about how the cultural significance of the potato can play a vital role in promoting nutrition and healthcare worldwide.


Jeffrey Allen Price, a visionary multi-media artist, has spent over two decades pushing the boundaries of art through innovative and conceptual creations. His exploration of time and materials has transformed everyday elements like potatoes, teabags, eggshells, and rust into extraordinary works of art. Internationally recognized as a Potato Artist, Price is the driving force behind POTATOISM, a term he coined to describe the movement he actively shapes as an artist, writer, and curator. The Think Potato Institute, founded by
Price, hosts a spectrum of potato-themed events, enlightening lectures, and captivating performances. His extensive collection of over 5000 potato-themed artifacts from around the world reflects his unwavering dedication to this unique medium. Price's artistic influence extends globally, gracing prestigious institutions such as The National Museum in Kielce, Poland, and Islip Art Museum in Islip, NY. His work has garnered critical acclaim in renowned publications like The New York Times, The Huffington Post, and Atlas Obscura, with media appearances on PBS and The Food Network. Beyond his artistry, Price shares his expertise as an adjunct professor of art and art history at various higher
education institutions. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Missouri State University in 1999 and a Master of Fine Arts degree from Stony Brook University in 2003, Price inspires students to explore the synergy of art, culture, and wellness. Currently residing in Mastic, NY, Price's creative journey continues to captivate and inspire, offering a fresh
perspective on the interconnectedness of art, culture, and wellness.