Virtual Conference

Mahapara Khan

Ziauddin University, Pakistan

Title: Food safety and the effect of fertilizers on human health


Threats to the environment and the economy significantly worsened human health, greatly outweighing any gains associated with increasing food production. Numerous heavily fertilized crops are used as animal feed, contributing to global food inequalities and unbalanced diets, even in wealthy countries. Hazardous fertilizers have been linked to an excessive burden of communicable and non-communicable diseases, which significantly increase yields and pose considerable environmental and public health risks. The rate at which nitrogen fertilizers are applied is closely related to the buildup of toxins in the surrounding area, groundwater, and leafy and root crops. Consumption of diets including these ingredients has contributed to a significant risk to human health. 


Mahapara is currently working as an Assistant Manager and Lecturer at Ziauddin University in Pakistan. In this role, she has been teaching many courses along with managing the departmental managerial task which shows my leadership skills. She has also applied for numerous national and international grants which are related to maternal and neonatal health and education for underprivileged kids and women of Pakistan.