Virtual Conference
Nutrition 2023

Manikchandra R Tiwari

Tata Memorial Hospital, India

Title: Quality evaluation of sample collection facilities (SCFs) of resource limited medical laboratories (RLMLs) in various states of India: a comparison between accredited and non-accredited laboratories.


Majority of medical laboratory errors occur at the pre-examination stage leading to poor patient outcomes. Very less information is available on analysis of RLMLs following SCF checklist to improve their sample collection and handling practices and thus reduce occurring of such errors.  The aim of this study is to find out the percentage SCFs complying to checklist criteria and to evaluate importance of accreditation as a tool of quality improvement. SCFs of both accredited and non-accredited RLMLs was compared for compliance with criteria given in NABL112 SCF checklist. Among fifty SCFs, seven were from accredited and forty-three from non-accredited RLMLs. Compliance was assessed for forty-three criteria. Percentage SCFs complying to each criterion was evaluated; in addition, Chi-square testing with p-value significant at p<0.005 was calculated for each criterion.
All accredited SCFs showed compliance to most of the criteria. Out of forty-three criteria evaluated for both accredited and non-accredited SCFs, statistically significant difference in compliance was seen in thirty criteria with p-value <0.005, whereas thirteen criteria showed non-significant difference.
Non-accredited SCFs were found to be in poor compliance as compared to accredited SCFs. There is scope of improvement for deficiencies noted at multiple levels at such SCFs. Pre-examination errors may be reduced by implementing criteria of related SCF checklist. 


Manikchandra R. Tiwari is a research scholar seeking a doctorate in healthcare and hospital management after completing a master's degree in science in quality management in hospital services. He works in quality assurance and accreditation at the Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai and the Advanced Centre for Treatment, Education in Cancer (ACTREC) in Navi Mumbai, both of which are located in India. His experience in the field of medical laboratory services spans more than 25 years. He has published more than 25 abstracts and papers in reputable national and international journals, as well as two chapters in a reference book on ISO 15189. He has participated in numerous national CMEs as a faculty speaker. For patient safety and to enhance their health advantages, he is interested in improving the services provided by India's medical laboratories with limited resources. His primary focus is on instructing and preparing laboratory experts in the use of a quality management system and appropriate laboratory practices in accordance with international standards.