Virtual Conference
Nutrition 2022

Natália Mora

Lieue University, Brazil

Title: Sensory analisys of hamburguers withs different functional foods


Currently, there is a change in the profile of the food consumer, in terms of lower fat content, with natural properties, and that it is a cheap and easy-to-prepare food. Therefore, the aim of this study was to elaborate and evaluate the sensory characteristics of beef hamburgers with the inclusion of different functional foods. Four hamburger formulations were carried out: control without additives, and 5% functional foods: oat, chia and linseed. The samples were prepared and coded with a three-digit number and served randomly and monadic to 100 consumers, evaluated through an acceptance test on a nine-point hedonic scale with the attributes color, flavor, texture and overall impression. There was no difference for the color and texture attributes (P<0.05). For the attributes of flavor and overall impression, there was a preference for hamburgers made with oat. The inclusion of oats as a functional food in hamburgers is recommended, as it showed better acceptance in the attributes tested flavor and overall impression.


Natália Mora is an Animal Scientist. She has completed her PHD at the age of 26 years, from State University of Maringá, Brazil. Actually, she is a professor of veterinary and animal science courses at the Centro Universitário do Vale do Araguaia, Brazil, where she teaches and researches in the most diverse areas of animal protein.