Virtual Conference

Soha abdelwahab

Minia University, Egypt

Title: The Possible Therapeutic Role of Probiotic on Cyclophosphamide Damaging Effects in Adult Male Albino Rat Jejunum


Background: Cyclophosphamide (CP) is extensively used as an antineoplastic drug but unfortunately, it is cytotoxic, to the intestinal mucosa. Probiotics have beneficial effects on the intestinal mucosa. Aim of the work: The current study aimed to investigate the possible protective effects of probiotics against the structural and biochemical changes that occur in the rat jejunum after CP administration, and to address some of the underlying mechanisms of these effects. Materials and methods: Thirty-six adult male albino rats were randomly divided into six groups: the C-group, Prob-group, CP-2D group, CP-2w group, Prob-CP-2D group, Prob-CP 2W group. Blood samples were collected for serum IL-10 level assay. Jejunum specimens were excised for histological, immune-histochemical, and morphometric studies. Other tissue specimens were proceeded for estimation of MDA and GSH levels. Results: The results showed marked morphological and biochemical changes in CP-2D group that decreased in CP-2W and Prob-CP-2D groups but still with a significant difference if compared to the control group. Moreover, the Prob-CP-2W group displayed a marked improvement of all previously mentioned data. Conclusion: It can be concluded that the administration of probiotics ameliorated the toxic effect of CP on jejunum through their anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, and anti-apoptotic effects.


Soha abd elwahab has completed his PHD at the age of 35 years from tohoku university, JAPAN. She  is associated professor of Histology and cell biology faculty of medicine minia university . she has over 40 publications that have been cited over 800 times, and her publication h-index is 17. She  has been serving as an editorial board member of several reputed journals. She is chief editor of minia journal of medical research. She is the exclusive manager of stem cell unit inminia faculty of medicine.