Virtual Conference
Nutrition 2022

Versha Upadhyay

Maya Group of Colleges, India

Title: Allelopathic Activity of weed Ageratum conyzoides on seed germination of mung (Vigna rediata)


Allelopathy is the inhibition or stimulation by chemicals which is secreted by plants and microorganisms on the growth of seed germination of other plants. Use of chemical herbicide in exes amount to control the growth of weed. These herbicide increase weed resistant and create harsh environmental pollution. Ageratum conyziodes is one of the weed which effect the seed germination. In this experiment observe the seed germination percentage on various concentration And it was examine on different parameter like GP (Germination Percentage), GI (Germination Index), GRI (Germination Rate Index), MGT (Mean of Germination Time), GE ( Germination energy), and Sum #germination. Seed Germination  were reduced by 90%, 60%  and 40% and there is no germination on 100% concentration  compared to the control, respectively.   


Versha upadhyay  completed her Ph. D. in Botany life Science from Barkatullah University Bhopal at the age of 25 years. And  so many publication in  National and International reputed Journals