Virtual Conference
Nutrition 2023

Vinaytosh Mishra

Gulf Medical University, United Arab Emirates

Title: Large Language Models in Medical Nutrition Therapy and Quality Concerns


Natural Language Processing (NLP) has witnessed significant advancements in recent years. It is a subfield of artificial intelligence (AI) that focuses on enabling computers the ability to understand and respond to human language (text or voice). The Large Language Model (LLM) is a Deep Learning algorithm that can be used to perform NLP tasks including among other abilities also summarizing and generating text.  One of the applications of LLM-based chatbot. These are computer programs that can simulate conversations with human users. The potential of LLMs in healthcare is immense starting from bringing efficiency to the systems to supporting clinical decisions. Everything is not rosy with the LLMs such as ChatGPT or MedPaLM. They are subject to many limitations. The research borrows the idea of functional testing from Quality Assurance (QA) and performed script concordance tests for the suitability of ChatGPT in medical nutrition therapy. The study tests the hypothesis of whether the accuracy of ChatGPT s inversely proportional to the complexity of the clinical query. Further hypothesis explores whether guided questioning improves the accuracy of LLM-based models. The study further analyses ChatGPT from the lenses of the F.A.T.E (Fairness, Accountability, Transparency, and Explain ability) framework. Based on the findings of the research done we propose a digital therapeutic solution (DTx) for medical nutrition therapy in diabetes. 


Vinaytosh Mishra is an Associate Professor for Healthcare Management (Management, Digital Health, and Heath Analytics) at the College of Healthcare Management and Economics, Gulf Medical University, Ajman (UAE). He has more than 15 years of experience in industries like Healthcare, EdTech, Finance, and Information Technology. He has successfully filled out a patent for a device for the early detection of diabetes using nail fold capillaroscopy. He is also a mentor for leading business incubators in India and UAE and a domain expert for AI implementation with Al Hathboor, UAE. 
Dr. Vinaytosh Mishra has published in journals of international repute (ABDC/Scopus/SSCI) and served as an editorial board member of reputed journals such as Hospital Topics, Frontiers in Digital Health, and Abhigyan. His research interests include Digital Transformation, Healthcare Management, Health Economics, Healthcare Supply Chains, Complex Adaptive Systems, Healthcare Systems, and Digital Health.